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Use Facebook Pixel with Kickstarter Campaigns

This is the ONLY way to run Facebook Ads for Kickstarter Projects with Facebook Pixel Integration to Optimize Performance

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The Secret Weapon of Top Kickstarter Campaigns

After working with 100+ crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, we have built the tool that top campaigners and crowdfunding agencies don't want you to know about! They have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building out proprietary tools that allow them to optimize the Facebook Ads and now we're making it available to everyone.
Leverage our cutting-edge Facebook Pixel Integration Tool and make your campaign a massive success.

Optimize & Scale your Facebook Ads

We allow you to track Facebook Ad conversions on your campaign and feed the data back to your Facebook Ads Manager. This mean's Facebook's AI can identify purchases and automatically optimize targeting & ad performance.

Seamless Kickstarter + Facebook Integration

Our plug & play integration works seamlessly with Kickstarter & Facebook. Just connect your accounts and you'll start seeing Purchase data populate on your Facebook Ads manager

Facebook Re-targeting & Re-marketing

Our Facebook Pixel integration means that you can now create re-marketing campaigns to re-target all Kickstarter users who clicked on your Facebook ads!

Why Should I Use Facebook Pixel?

On the most successful campaigns, Facebook ads are typically responsible for up to 70% of the campaigns total raise.

Without Facebook Pixel Integration, it is impossible for you to track whether your Facebook ads are converting and whether you are getting a good ROI on your ad spend. 

What’s worse, without Purchase Conversion data Facebook is unable to help you automatically optimize your ad targeting and performance, thus leading to extremely poor results.

Finally, Pixel integration allows you to run highly valuable re-marketing campaigns to convert your warm audiences.

Measure Ad Effectiveness

Facebook Pixel Integration allows you to see conversions and all your profitability metrics directly in your Facebook Ads manager so that you can easily make decision on which audiences to target and how to scale your marketing spend

Facebook AI Optimization

When the Facebook Pixel tracks a purchase, their algorithm automatically optimizes your Ad account by showing your ads to people similar to the person that purchased. Without the Facebook Pixel, this can’t happen.

Retargeting & Remarketing

Easily re-target visitors who didn’t buy with different ads in order to convert them! Remarketing audiences are typically the most profitable audiences for any campaign. As bonus, you can even use these re-marketing audiences to create highly valuable Lookalike Audiences on Facebook!

Purchase Lookalike Audiences

Kickstarter doesn’t give you backer information until the campaign ends, which means you won’t be able to use their emails to create lookalike audiences. With Facebook Pixel integration, you’ll get purchase conversion data in real-time so you can instantly make highly profitable Purchase Lookalike Audiences on Facebook during your campaign.

How to use


Connect KickstarterPixel to your Kickstarter campaign and your Facebook Business Manager.


Set up your Facebook ads, and set up post-purchase surveys within our platform in order to collect valuable feedback from your backers


Facebook will automatically optimize based on Purchase data & you can use data collected from your surveys to further optimize your ad targeting

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